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What is our Aim

Our Aim is to increase awareness of Epilepsy which goes hand in hand with removing the social stigma attached to Epilepsy. People With Epilepsy (PWE) should have equal opportunities for education, work etc.
We want to form a core group and meet everyone createing a platform for sharing experiences, dispelling doubts etc. To increase awareness and to extend medical support, we have put together a panel of Doctors – Neurologists / Epileptologists who have agreed to volunteer with us in providing assistance and direction; We are bringing along a few volunteers to encourage people to come forward and share their stories so it may benefit others. Our intention is to grow this in to a global movement by creating local support groups all over.

Who are We
We are a group of volunteers and care givers who want to bring together people around the world to form a support group for lives suffering from Epilepsy. 50 Million people have epilepsy world wide and It is estimated that 1 in 100 people have epilepsy. And in 50% of cases the cause is unknown.

Epilepsy is like any other illness and there can be a number of causes. People with epilepsy are among the most vulnerable in any society because the disease is misunderstood and there is a social stigma attached. Thus, many patients and their families are reluctant to accept that they suffer from epilepsy and do not seek medical attention.In truth, Epilepsy can now be diagnosed very scientifically and there are a number of treatments available. Many are on medications which prevent the seizures and this is very important. There are of course other treatments – please refer to Treatment of Epilepsy.  Early diagnosis, medications, and cure prevents seizures and people with epilepsy can lead a normal life. Left untreated, repeated seizures can lead to overall deterioration and cognitive and psychiatric disabilities.

All the above will go towards removing the social stigma attached with Epilepsy. This is my open call to everyone out there to extend their love and care for PWE. I also encourage all patients to seek treatment and follow it.