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The Epileptologist who changed my life!

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I am an epilepsy patient for more than 30 years. During the course of this time, have been through different phases / ages and my seizure types have changed or evolved along the way. Initially in childhood, I used to have Grand Mal seizures mostly during sleep and at times even when awake. Then for about 10 years was almost seizure free with only the occasional Absence attack but taking very high doses of medication. I have tried Ayurvedic (with disastrous results) and homeopathic for a short while. After 2002, Went through some bad times and good times. Several doctors said mine was a drug resistant type of Epilepsy :- meaning that once the body gets used to a certain medication, it doesn’t have the desired effect. The result was seeing many doctors and being on a cocktail of medications – upto 5 different types of medications. This is apparently quite extreme and every new doctor I approached was initially shocked and tried to cut down my medications – but cutting down is a very slow and gradual process.

My latest experiences prove that sometimes the seizure types and pattern can suddenly change with no warning at all. Last year one day my seizures suddenly became a lot worse in both intensity as well as frequency. My life came to a standstill as it would have been foolish to do the normal things like cooking, driving, and so many more. However after seeing an epileptologist, changing some medications, after 6 terrible months, the seizures simply Vanished ! Yay!

I have always maintained a positive attitude and do what I need to do. There is a risk involved every minute of your life for everyone, so as long as I wasn’t being foolish about it, I have lived life to the fullest and encourage all to do so.

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